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Over 75 Years


Spanning three generations, nationally recognized Charles F. Beardsley Advertising has brought clients the measurable results necessary to identify the benefits of their marketing investments.


For over 75 years and across three generations Beardsley Advertising has maintained its focus solely on achieving measurable success for our clients. Ever evolving with today's marketing landscape, we work with clients from all types of industry and of all sizes, offering them a comprehensive suite of services which result in a positive return on their investment.



At Beardsley Advertising we understand a campaign cannot succeed without flawless execution.

We have proven time after time that we select the proper media mix, create optimal schedules, negotiate rates that allow for maximum profitability and secure substantial added-value packages – all of which are crucial elements in successful marketing endeavors.


Beardsley Advertising’s foundation is built on direct response advertising where the sole KPI that mattered was did the marketing efforts equate to profitable increases in sales.

This remains true today – to measurably increase sales enabling our clients to experience a positive financial impact on their bottom line.

For nearly 75 years this has been our motivation; our success is evidenced by the number of clients who remain long-term business partners.

Meet the Principals

Our Team
Nancy Ketchiff.jpg

Nancy Beardsley Ketchiff, Ph.D.

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Former Art History professor and museum curator with 30+ years marketing experience, Nancy is the voice and face of the agency and our chief rate negotiator.


Price Beardsley Ketchiff

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The third generation at Beardsley, Price brings a background from both the buying and selling side of retail. He has 10+ years marketing experience specializing in integrated digital campaigns along with social media, podcasts and OOH.

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